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Fulcrum brings people and technology together to make our customers’ mission successful. Our Technology services are at the core of what our company was founded on and a corner stone to our success. We provide a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their strategic mission agendas into IT initiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance. Our Technology Services are focused on the areas of Cloud Technology, Data Management, Software and Systems Development, Enterprise IT, and Networks and Communications Engineering.

Cloud Technology

Providing the means through which everything from computing power to computing infrastructure, applications & business processes can be delivered to your customers as a service wherever and whenever you need.

Data Management

Providing the process by which required data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed, and by which its accessibility, reliability, and timeliness is ensured to satisfy the needs of the users and mission.

Software and Systems Development

Implementing Open Source, Commercial and Custom Solutions leveraging proven methodologies, processes, and in-depth business and operational understanding.

Enterprise IT

Providing the expertise, automation, and our best delivery model to drive down the Enterprise operational costs. Our flexible, adaptive technology and multiple sourcing options help clients respond to changing business demands of running an IT Infrastructure. We enable compliance, security, day-to-day operations, and business continuity to reduce risk. And when a new initiative needs to happen quickly, we provide backup and support with our team of experts and technology partnership.

Network and Communications Engineering

Designing, enhancing, and maintaining multiple classification-converged packet or circuit-switched voice, video, and data networks, or long haul transmission mediums across the full spectrum of Department of Defense (DoD) architectures.

Infrared Laser Imaging

Delivering high-quality infrared images and high-speed signal processing.

Electro Optics

Developing advanced sensors for improved target identification and tracking.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

As the Web/Technology Development Operations and Maintenance (WTDOM) contractor for NAEP, Fulcrum is responsible for overseeing all web-based operations for a government program that spans several different contractors as well as the NAEP program itself. In addition, the contract expanded to include computer based assessment development and mobile application development. Fulcrum has also been tasked with working on future web-based assessments to be administered on school equipment or tablets.

SOCOM Enterprise Networks, Distributed Computing, and Application Management

Providing enterprise-wide support services to manage United States Special Operations Command's (USSOCOM) global enterprise IT data, voice, and video communications network, including all CONUS and deployed WANs, LANs, MANs, CANs, and VPNs used by SOF personnel.

Fulcrum is providing Distributing Computing support at USSOCOM MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, and at multiple U.S. and overseas locations by sustaining and maintaining the customer’s distributed global enterprise information technology computing environment.

Fulcrum is providing mission and back office application development including requirements gathering, design, programming, development, integration, testing, code migration, and configuration management.

U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) Command, Control, Communication, and Computer Enterprise Services (C4ES)

Fulcrum is providing IT support to the USCENTCOM J6, both in-station and deployed to forward operating bases in the Middle East. We use Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes to streamline management of the IT infrastructure. We produce significant savings in manpower through software management, release management, license and configuration management, helpdesk, desktop support, and server maintenance support to the headquarters at MacDill AFB.

U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) Futures

Fulcrum is providing Cloud Computing support for the INSCOM Enterprise Platform (IEP) for the Intelligence Community. We have also supported the development and engineering of widgets in the INSCOM Enterprise Platform and migrated legacy thick-client applications to a lightweight widgetized environment.

NGIC Media Exploitation Cloud Computing Support (MECCS)

Fulcrum is designing, implementing, and deploying java applications and software modules that leverage Cloud technologies to support data ingestion, analysis, and visualization DOcument Media EXploitation (DOMEX) related intelligence data. Cloud technologies are based on the DCGS-A Cloud software stack, which include Hadoop DFS, Hadoop MapReduce, and Cloudbase. Services include:

  • Designing the mapping of DOMEX data in the cloud to facilitate rapid ingestion and efficient query.
  • Designing, and developing data ingestion software that utilizes the parallel capability of the cloud.
  • Designing and developing a data query capability that provides "instantaneous" results for broad classes of queries.
  • Designing and developing an analytic capability to facilitate data analysis across cloud size datasets.
  • Providing a web-based user interface to present all these capabilities to the user in an intuitive manner. All web components are hosted via the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF).
  • Deploying and demonstrating the suite of capabilities on the INSCOM Futures Cloud