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Intelligence Analysis & Ops


Fulcrum is an Intelligence Community leader providing services across the intelligence enterprise. We deliver timely All Source, Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), and Image Intelligence (IMINT) services. Fulcrum’s experience in technology solutions has been used to successfully enhance our information intelligence analysis solutions. Our expertise in using current technologies, leveraging open source collaboration solutions, and harnessing data analytics has led to enhanced production process efficiencies, supporting knowledge generation within information gathering activities. Our technology solutions help redefine intelligence products and the production process to better support the Combatant Commanders’ access to the data and shape understanding of the target environment. Fulcrum supports customer requirements throughout the intelligence cycle. Adaptable Fulcrum intelligence professionals support and conduct collection, analysis, production and dissemination at tactical and strategic levels -- garrison and deployed.

Models for Open Source

Through a time-tested management approach, Fulcrum implements a comprehensive package of customized solutions that integrate with the client mission, personnel, and infrastructure.

Intelligence Analysis

Fulcrum analysts characterize information by assessing multi-INT information about items of strategic, operational, or tactical importance with appropriate statements of probability to provide probable outcomes.

Subject Matter Collaboration

Leveraging our technology expertise, Fulcrum offers new approaches and methodologies to enhance technical and analytic support in solving counterterrorism and other current threats.

Multi-INT Data Fusion & Visualization

Production and coordination of initiatives such as targeting studies, collection emphasis packages, and critical node assessments analysis in the areas of databases, link-and-nodal analysis, data mining, knowledge extraction, and geo-spatial intelligence and visualization.

Sensor Technologies

Identify, analyze, and develop infrared, laser, imaging, signal and image processing, electro-optics and other sensor-related activities.

Counter IED Targeting Program (CITP)

General Military Intelligence Improvised Explosive Devices (GMI/IED) and Weapons TECHINT (WTI) Analysts for the Counter IED Targeting Program (CITP) efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Metadata Production Cell (MPC)

Metadata Production Cell (MPC) integrates All-Source intelligence visualization and dissemination capabilities that ensure timely discoverable products for consumers. Fulcrum personnel are Dissemination Operations Officers that support the MPC Team to refine and disseminate DIA FINished Intelligence (FINTEL) to all DoD and IC agencies.


Fulcrum provides the U.S.-led forces in Iraq with intelligence operations support, locally employed persons screening, special security officers, intelligence support teams, information operations support, and intelligence support.

Office of Security Cooperation – Iraq (OSC-I) U.S. Forces Iraq (ISS-I)

Fulcrum supports a screening program designed to clear both Host Country Nationals (HCNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCN)s for access to U.S. military base camps or recommends their denial of access. A Screening Cell performs these activities by conducting Security Screenings on locally-hired employees. HCN/TCN Security Screenings are designed to enhance Force Protection and the security posture of U.S. Military base camps.


Fulcrum provides Intelligence Operations support to include screening and force protection support, intelligence analysis support, intelligence information management, and specialized intelligence collection.

Intelligence Analysis

Fulcrum maintains multiple intelligence web portals, sites, message handling systems, and online databases by data-mining and road mapping all available networks to find new sources and products for dissemination. Fulcrum manages a collection of intelligence message reporting from the Message Processing System (MPS) supporting both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

Open-Source Analysis

Fulcrum provides comprehensive web-based intelligence support on multiple system networks to both stateside and forward-deployed units. Fulcrum provides 24x7 support for mining data for intelligence that is disseminated across multiple agencies and nations. We conduct the transfer of products of organizations requesting support such as the ISAF Joint Command, National Ground Intelligence Center, Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force, and the Army Open Source Center and others.

Intelligence Product and Analysis

Fulcrum is providing intelligence analytical support to teams at multiple agencies. We provide daily quality analysis, verification, and user support of mission critical databases. This includes data input, analysis, creating records, and data quality control services required to process multi-source electronic and hard copy imaging of data into a mission essential database.

We also provide analytical support for the movement of merchant information between customers. Fulcrum monitors, tracks, and conducts in-depth quality assurance analysis of all incoming source data and ensures information is disseminated proficiently. Fulcrum provides technical support to process merchant ship data in support of the Civil Maritime Support Division and analyze anomalous merchant shipping data in support of Global Maritime Intelligence Information and Maritime Domain Awareness.

Solutions for Intelligence Analysis-II (SIA-II)

Fulcrum is a member of a team providing comprehensive support to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Through the Solutions for Intelligence Analysis II (SIA II) contract, Fulcrum provides support services for intelligence analysts, Warfighters, defense planners, and defense and national security policy makers. DIA operates in countries around the world, collecting and analyzing intelligence in support of national decision makers and military commanders.

Counter IED Targeting Program (CITP)

Fulcrum provides General Military Intelligence Improvised Explosive Devise (GMI/IED) and Weapons TECHINT (WTI) Analysts for the Counter IED Targeting Program (CITP) efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We conduct all source fused intelligence analysis of insurgent networks and associated technical signatures to support counterinsurgency operations and use data mining and link and nodal analysis methodologies.