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Human Capital


Fulcrum has extensive experience in assisting clients with developing and implementing human capital strategy using an inclusive process to incorporate best practice into existing policies, procedures, and practices of our clients. We are implementers with a proven ability to mix disciplined research and staff work with experienced practical solutions and recommendations that work.

We have seasoned senior level human capital expertise and are ready to support our clients. Fulcrum has the depth of capability to provide subject matter expertise across the federal Human Resource Line of Business (HRLoB).

Fulcrum has a unique perspective to combine our human capital expertise with extensive experience in supporting Human Capital (HC) and information technology (IT) departments for federal clients. This gives us insight into the operational tempo inside organizations, the challenges of integrating human capital policies and procedures into a busy IT environment, and the unique challenges federal clients face in staffing up to address their strategic mission while continuing to support a broad menu of ongoing requirements.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Workforce demand forecasting, workforce analytics, and dashboard development.

Leadership Development

Competency assessment and modeling, experiential learning, mentoring, and coaching.

Strategic Recruiting, Selection and Onboarding

Branding, outreach, sourcing and candidate management system development and maintenance.

Performance Management

Training and employee development, program development, and assessment.

Succession Planning

Knowledge management/transfer and leadership needs planning and identification.


Fulcrum human capital specialists support the implementation of the MSC Human Capital Strategic Plan. Our staff has supported the implementation of the workforce plan, synthesized various policy documents to draft and deploy a training and employee development reference manual; developed a workforce competence framework, and designed and implemented a human capital function concept of operations. In addition, our specialists have developed new employee onboarding programs and supported the implementation of the HC Concept of Operations by developing and supporting a communications plan that included traditional documents, website deployment, and the use of social media. Fulcrum is providing ongoing sustaining support including performance metrics to monitor and measure the program's continued success.

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)

Fulcrum human capital professionals supported FEMA in the final stages of developing their human capital strategic plan and implementing its objectives and action plans. Fulcrum initially provided senior-level human capital expertise to help finalize their human capital strategic plan. We helped the client to develop specific action plans that would ensure the objectives of the strategic plan were achieved. Upon completion of the human capital strategic plan, Fulcrum provided full-time staff support to implement the strategic plan objectives. Identifying and retaining top technical talent was a top priority in the strategic plan.

Fulcrum performed a full review of the Directorate’s hiring process and recommended changes to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring timeline. Fulcrum provided assistance on determining the career ladder promotion process/eligibility of staff members and worked with Office Component of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO) in developing succession plans for the Directorate’s senior executives. As a follow on to the consulting services, Fulcrum provided a full-time embedded contactor support team to execute training, recruitment and selection, metric development, and task monitoring functions. Fulcrum also leveraged its IT expertise to develop and deploy a web-based dashboard that showed the real-time status of each strategic plan objective and action plan.

Preservation of Families and Forces (POTFF)

Special Operations Forces (SOF) may soon enjoy more time at home with their families as part of a sweeping effort to preserve a joint force that has endured a relentless operational tempo over the last decade of war. Fulcrum IT was awarded a task order to implement, provide overall maintenance, and sustain the DefenseReady® personnel tempo software. DefenseReady® takes advantage of Microsoft CRM, SQL databases, and Microsoft SharePoint running on multiple virtual servers, providing high availability information to ensure leaders at all levels have near-real time information to make informed decisions regarding SOFs most important resource – its warriors and their families.

This initiative is the result of a special task force launched by Adm. Eric Olson – the Preservation of the Force and Families (POTFF) – to identify problems and underlying symptoms that manifest from the strains and pressures of multiple deployment and busy training schedules. The task force gathered information from more than 400 focus groups that consisted of 7,000+ service members and 1,000 spouses from 55 different units across the globe. One of the top issues found was the amount of time SOF service members were spending away from home, even when not deployed.