Maritime, COCOM & Joint DoD

Maritime & Joint DoD

Surge Support

Background: During FY13, U.S. Special Operations Command expanded their physical presence at several CONUS installations. With each new building came the requirement for inside cable plant installation of United States Special Operations Command's (USSOCOM) secure and non-secure networks. Several of these cabling projects were executed simultaneously, spanning multiple sites with durations ranging from as little as 10 days to as many as 10 months to complete. Because USSOCOM’s existing contractor Infrastructure Team was not built with appropriate resources for such an undertaking, Fulcrum was selected to provide exclusive surge support at each location.

Impact: Fulcrum’s performance allowed SOCOM to shorten and simplify their acquisition schedule and cut cost significantly by applying country wide, fast acting surge teams support versus having permanent staff waiting on adhoc tasks. Fulcrum has received numerous accolades for our execution of these services, which we accomplished consistently within tight schedule/budget constraints and at the highest industry standards. Many companies claim they have surge capabilities but few can deliver qualified and cleared personnel at disparate geographic locations within critical timeframes (often only one to two weeks’ notice). That’s the Fulcrum advantage!

Maritime & Joint DoD

Responsiveness and Mission Focus

Background: On April 1, 2013 at 2:45 disaster struck at the Naval Sea Logistics Center (NSLC) Automated Information System Center (AISC). Water that had been building up for some time broke through the ceiling, pouring over and flooding into a fully energized server room. More than 1,500 AISC users in private and naval shipyards worldwide were offline. Without the AISC, ship repairs, planning, and maintenance could grind to a halt. The data center had to get back on line as quickly as possible.

Impact: Fulcrum immediately secured the space and stopped the damage from continuing. Fulcrum quickly began a detailed damage assessment. This was followed by recovery efforts of opening, draining, and drying water logged equipment. As critical equipment was powered back on, we procured and replaced the damaged equipment such as disk drives and circuit boards. The need to get the data center back on line as quickly as possible led to creative thinking by Fulcrum. The Fulcrum Team scavenged parts from obsolete equipment, purchased equipment, reconfigured working equipment, and re-ran cabling to support new configurations. Working through the night, Fulcrum was able to get the data center back to near full operation with access to the Internet. Most importantly, critical applications were available to Navy customers by the next morning. Within 36 hours, the data center went from being soaked in water to fully operational. The recovery was possible because of the dedication, responsiveness, resourcefulness, and professionalism of the Fulcrum Team.

Maritime & Joint DoD

USSOCOM Training, Doctrine, and Capability Development

Background: Fulcrum was tasked with implementing a language database project for Special Operation Forces. The primary objective was to ensure U.S. Special Operations Command could view readiness information based on the best possible data sets. Project requirements included transforming quarterly submissions in varied formats of numerous unit and school training, as well as test data results, to a web-enabled central server.

Impact: Fulcrum’s programming knowledge, expertise, and drive was central to developing the database application with real-time, up-to-date language proficiency, and training information. U.S. SOCOM now has an accessible database that can be updated real time, with multiple and simultaneous users across all USSOCOM. The database is fully functional and in use across the SOF components and provides the CDR USSOCOM greater visibility of language capability in his dashboard within the Defense Readiness Reporting System.


Intelligence Product and Analysis Support II (IPAS II)

Background: ONI required intelligence analytical support to Small Ships, Amidships and Merchant Ships Characteristics (MSC). Additionally, ONI required daily quality analysis, verification and user support on mission critical databases such as AMIDSHIPS, MSC, SEA LINK, SEA PORT, AMHS AND AMRS. This includes data input, analysis, creating records and data quality control services for mission essential database.

Impact: Working closely with the senior controllers and watch personnel in routing high-level communications, our Research Analysts provided analytical support for the movement of merchant information between ONI Naval, Allied, and the Intelligence Community (IC). We monitored, tracked, and conducted in-depth quality assurance analysis of all incoming source data and ensured information was proficiently disseminated. In the course of this engagement, our IIR team issued and published 1,266 evaluations of 5,858 published evaluations covering all of ONI which accounted for 21.6% of evaluations published at the command. Our analysts have received five letter of commendation from the client for our high-quality delivery and follow-though.


USMC Combat Operations Center (COC) Support

Background: The COC provides mobile, modular command and control centers, from battalion to divisional level. The system integrates non-secure, secret voice and data communications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities and networked servers. Multiple networks (SIPRNET, NIPRNET, and coalition) provide security and interoperability for users. The COC needed to modernize the existing hardware within the approved acquisition objective.

Impact: Fulcrum provided tactical automation support with flexible interfaces to communications, databases, and mission applications that collectively extend the equivalent fixed base garrison C4ISR architecture to tactical units and remote operators. This effort updated and modernized the COC to a single baseline while reducing hardware size, weight, and power requirements.

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