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Human Capital

Human Capital

Human Capital Strategic Planning Implementation and Execution:

Background: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Logistics Management Directorate (LMD) was in the final stages of developing their human capital strategic plan and required support to help complete their strategic plan and implement its objectives and action plans. In addition to the human capital consulting requirements, FEMA LMD needed a full-time embedded contactor support team to execute training, recruitment and selection, metric development and task monitoring functions. FEMA also needed a web-based dashboard created that showed the real-time status of each strategic plan objective and action plan.

Fulcrum IT (Fulcrum) initially provided senior-level human capital expertise to help FEMA finalize their human capital strategic plan. With support from Fulcrum's subject matter experts, FEMA developed specific action plans that would ensure the achievement of their strategic plan objectives. Upon completion of the human capital strategic plan, Fulcrum added full-time staff to implement the strategic plan’s objectives.

A top priority in the strategic plan was to identify and retain top technical talent. Fulcrum performed a full review of the Directorate’s hiring processes and recommended changes to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring timeline. Fulcrum also provided assistance with determining the career ladder promotion process/eligibility of staff members and worked with Office Component of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCCHCO) in developing succession plans for the Directorate’s senior executives.

Impact: As a result of Fulcrum’s support, FEMA's human capital strategic plan was finalized and fully implemented. The client has significantly improved its hiring processes and realized an increase in retention rates of its top technical talent. Fulcrum’s ongoing participation in the client’s strategic planning process has helped ensure organizational consistency and continuity in a time when the Directorate was experiencing the departure of multiple senior leaders. Fulcrum’s embedded team continues to provide strategic and day-to-day human capital operational guidance and support, thus ensuring compliance with Federal policies and procedures and execution of the Directorate’s strategic plan.

Human Capital

Implementation of Enterprise-Wide HR systems:

Background: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was a new federal agency and needed human capital subject matter expertise for the strategic planning process and the subsequent implementation of goals and objectives of the strategic plans. The client challenges included improving the hiring process in terms of both quality of applicants and time to hiring, improving retention, accelerating the recruiting cycle, standardizing human resource business processes, developing action plans, policies, and procedures to implement the human capital strategic plan, and training on all of these initiatives.

Fulcrum provided strategic review and input to the human capital plan. We helped establish a plan to implement the goals and measure and report on performance attaining the strategic goals.

Fulcrum also performed an organizational assessment of the client operations. To help accelerate the recruiting cycle, we analyzed the current process and proposed an alternative approach to eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce the number of steps needed to process a recruiting action. We also documented all business processes to help standardize the process. We proposed reengineering key business processes to improve efficiency and introduce internal controls consistent with best practice. We helped the client improve its retention by redistributing the work more equitably and instituting other organizational tools to help employees feel more connected to the organization. This also helped to improve morale and stimulate better collaboration within the department and externally with its other stakeholders. To help implement the strategic goals, we provided key Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with diverse skills and expertise as needed to support the client implementation of a recruiting system and onboarding system as well as interfaces with key federal systems such as eOPM and other eGov initiatives. We also supported projects on workforce planning, performance management and e-learning initiatives.

Impact: As a result of Fulcrum’s organizational review and design, and strategic SME support over the entire engagement, the client was able to improve its operations significantly. The level of customer satisfaction increased as substantiated by internal survey. By virtue of Fulcrum’s work, the client was able to build a more durable organization with lower turnover and a higher level of innovation and success.

“I am pleased to present you with the first DHS Challenge Coin and proud of the accomplishments it represents. …the Coin symbolizes how you turned DHS’s challenges into opportunities, which moved our organization forward. It is a challenge to build upon this progress by elevation the performance of DHS OCHCO, becoming a valued business partner and service provider, and realizing the goals set forth in the DHS Human Capital Strategic Plan.”

DHS Office of Chief Human Capital Officer, 2008

Human Capital

Organizational Assessment of Human Capital Function:

Background: The City of Alexandria retained Fulcrum to conduct an organizational assessment to evaluate its human capital operations, provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the organization, and facilitate the creation of a multi-year human capital strategic plan. The City Council mandated the assessment as part of its overall drive to improve the quality of government services provided. This generated a high level of visibility around the Fulcrum assessment.

Fulcrum analyzed the department’s structure and the functions each employee performed. Fulcrum designed and conducted a customer satisfaction survey of the other agencies that interact with the client. We pinpointed where there were not meeting the needs of its client base. We benchmarked our client’s functions, size, and structure against similar organizations and best practices. We also evaluated their recruitment and retention to help the City make this process more effective and efficient. We worked with the employees of the Department to create a human capital strategic plan and assisted in the implementation of the plan.

Fulcrum prepared an analysis of the department to identify the root cause of the department’s inefficiencies. We found they had a qualified work force in place. They tended to be transaction-based rather than customer-oriented, devaluing the importance of customer responsiveness.

Impact: We developed 15 actionable recommendations to address this gap and improve their efficiency. Our recommendations resulted in a return on investment of 92 percent (almost $2 in benefits for each $1 spent in conducting the study.)

“Each member of Fulcrum has contributed significantly to the establishment and implementation of standard operating procedures during the directorate’s most critical formative years. It has been noted on several occasions that [the client] could not have met their strategic goals without the assistance of Fulcrum.”

Excerpt from COTR’s Past Performance Questionnaire – October 2012