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Fulcrum IT to Provide IT Support Services to the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE)

October 17, 2012 03:02 AM

Tampa, FL, October 17, 2012 — Fulcrum IT Services, LLC, announced today that it has been awarded a task order to provide IT support services for the Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE). JCSE is the nation’s premier joint deployable communications unit. JCSE provides a wide range of IT services in support of U.S. Federal Agencies, the U.S military, Combatant Commands, and directed contingency missions worldwide. Fulcrum IT and AC4S, the prime contractor, have a long history of partnering and they have teamed for over 10 years on multiple efforts in providing IT support to the US Special Operations Forces.

The work, to be performed at MacDill Air Force Base, includes cyber defense, C4I planning, telephony systems engineering, training support, Joint Network Operations Center network and data administration support, information assurance (IA) engineering, help desk services, database/web software engineering support, network engineering and LAN/WAN Administrator, database administration, systems administration, information technology security, system management technology, and project management.

Fulcrum IT brings a vast range of experience and knowledge of complex multi-classification IT systems supporting the JCSE warfighters for the past several years and supporting other customers with a critical global mission, such as Central Command (CENTCOM), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Fulcrum’s ability to work with industry experts and flexibility in tailoring its support to Geographical Combatant Commands has contributed to the continued success providing such premier support for the challenging mission of protecting the nation at the highest levels.

Fulcrum IT CEO Jeff Handy said, “We have been partners working side by side with AC4S on several programs over the years and have always been impressed they share our culture of providing responsive, innovative, and critical world wide support to DoD and Intelligence Community clients. Fulcrum IT is excited to continue our long history of providing worldwide communications support and in particular for the committed military and civilian leadership team in the JCSE program. We look forward to working with AC4S and JCSE in this critical Joint C4I worldwide mission.”

Hugh Campbell, an AC4S founder and Co-CEO, called this JCSE task order “the highest visibility worldwide deployable mission that AC4S has.” “Every person on this task order must be ready to deploy with JCSE to any hotspot in the world on very little notice and be prepared to remain with JCSE to meet our nation’s strategic goals and objectives. I am very proud of our AC4S employees at JCSE and their resolve to support the nation.”

About Fulcrum IT

Fulcrum IT Services, LLC, is an information technology (IT) company based in Centreville, Virginia, that provides IT solutions and services for federal customers. Fulcrum IT specializes in the areas of Enterprise Services, Applications Development, Data Management, Cyber Security, Network and Communications Engineering, and Intelligence Analysis. For more information about Fulcrum IT, visit our website at, or contact Robert Blankenship,

About AC4S

AC4S is a services and solutions provider meeting the Cyber, information technology, audiovisual & video teleconferencing, telecommunications & telephony, logistics, program management, contingency life-support, training, and intelligence support requirements of public sector customers. With 99% of its staff able to work in a variety of environments worldwide, AC4S performs work in many critical government departments and agencies including the national intelligence community. AC4S is an 8(a) certified, service-disabled veteran-owned, and small disadvantaged business based in Tampa, Florida, with experience in two dozen states and a number of foreign locations. For more information about AC4S visit their website,, or contact William Hogan,

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