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Healthcare Systems Solutions

Provide premium government health care services enhancing our employee’s growth, our client's success, and our responsiveness to the challenges in today’s health care community.

Scientific Research and Analysis

Fulcrum has been the leading contractor to the Uniformed Services University Hospital providing scientists and technical experts investigate relevant technologies in collaboration with government researchers. Our scientists coordinate with technology leads to identify possible solutions through technical area surveys, and establish a means to evaluate the proposed solution’s efficiency. We provide teaching through the graduate level, engage in sophisticated research and development, and prepare research papers for publication and presentation to the scientific community.

Programmatic Support

Fulcrum has been the leading support contractor providing qualified personnel to support the execution of organizational plans, programs, and policies. We provide experienced budget analysts, logisticians, and functional managers to meet clients’ organizational requirements. Fulcrum supports the entire programmatic process, from determining equipment specifications to formulating the budget and identifying organizational development requirements. Our personnel work with the full planning and execution life cycle, and have access to Fulcrum’s subject matter expertise and proprietary resources. We provide end-to-end project management support for scientific testing and other government initiatives.

Operational Support

Fulcrum provides temporary personnel to support the daily operations of the University and its component agencies, such as the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute. Fulcrum has staffed a full range of administrative, professional, technical, clerical, scientific and medical positions in order for the agency to fill gapped positions, enable support on temporary projects, or implement programs for which staffing requirements are not yet determined.