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Claudinne Roe Keynote Speaker

September 24, 2007 09:23 AM

September 2007 — Claudinne Roe, a Fulcrum IT intelligence analyst, was a keynote speaker at the Director of National Intelligence’s (DNI) Analytics Transformation conference this month in Chicago. The DNI regards Ms. Roe’s exemplary work as a demonstration of information sharing, one of the key tenets established following the 911 and WMD Commission reports. Ms. Roe, who has is now recognized as an expert in the area of avian influenza (AI), spoke about how she established her “network” and created an AI portal. Starting with a telephone and email, she has been able to stretch her network around the world including the US Department of Health and Human Services, academia, the Centers for Disease Control, and their counterparts throughout Africa, China, and the Middle East.

Ms. Roe has received national recognition for her efforts from the DNI and thrice has been asked to present to White House staff.

According to Robert Blankenship, Fulcrum IT Director for DoD and Intelligence, “Ms. Roe exemplifies the excellence we see in Fulcrum IT employees on a daily basis. Her dedication to duty, detail, and assuring that the information gets out quickly has made her an important part of the global effort to monitor and contain avian influenza and to improve the DNI’s analytic transformation. We are pleased and proud to have her as a Fulcrum IT employee.”

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