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I will be discharged from the service in a few months. How do I prepare for civilian life?

Most transitioning service members take advantage of Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshops offered at military installations nationwide. TAP workshops give information on finding jobs in the civilian labor force and include networking opportunities designed to provide transitioning military an opportunity to network with human resource professionals.  Fulcrum IT has been a participant on many of these panels.  Topics addressed include job search strategies, networking, resume writing, interviewing tips, and salary negotiations. This offers employers an opportunity to network with job seekers, offer valuable insight to the civilian workforce, and access a dedicated pool of qualified job applicants.  For further information, you can contact your installation Family Support Center or military command. 

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How can I get my resume to military-friendly companies?

Veterans can post their resumes on various military-friendly job boards where military-friendly companies search for veterans or transitioning service members to fill their open positions.  Some of these job boards include Clearedjobs.net, Clearancejobs.com, and Intelligencecareers.com to name a few. Veterans can also contact their Local Veterans Employment Representative at a local employment service office to find military-friendly companies.

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How do I translate my military experience into my resume?

Jargon and acronyms are common in the military. But it is important to relate your military skills to a civilian environment.  Avoid any military acronyms, slang, jargon or terms that are not common knowledge to any civilian. Spell out any acronyms or abbreviations you'd like to include and if necessary, explain them. If you have specialized military training, list all names and dates of professional and technical courses you have taken.

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Should I put my security clearance on my resume?

Yes. Putting your clearance on your resume is very attractive to potential employers.  It automatically makes the employee more valuable and gives him/her an advantage, especially if the job requires a clearance.

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