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Nat’l Intelligence, Army, and Air Force

In trusted partnership with our clients, provide quality, cost-effective technical services and solutions on projects critical to our nation’s security.

Driving Collaboration and Information Sharing

In partnership with the U.S. Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), Fulcrum is leading collaboration and intelligence sharing missions focused on providing the Warfighter with critical real-time intelligence data. Fulcrum is leveraging the latest in information collaboration and dissemination technologies (e.g. cloud computing) to ensure stakeholders receive actionable intelligence products when it matters most. Due in part to the hard work of Fulcrum’s technical and analytics teams, INSCOM has experienced a significant increase in support request from mission partners throughout the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Engineering for the Warfighters Today and Tomorrow

In partnership with the U.S. Army’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), Fulcrum is providing the Directorate with industry leading scientists and engineers focused on component development of the Nation’s Warfighters’ Night Vision Technology. Fulcrum provides subject matter expertise and engineering services that impact crucial elements of the Army’s advanced electronic sensors and night vision devices. Our team works alongside the US Army’s scientists and engineers to develop and mature technologies to ensure our Warfighters maintain their battlefield supremacy.

Making Data Safe and Easy to Access

In partnership with the U.S. Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), Fulcrum is developing Ozone Widget Frameworks (OWF) to allow NGIC and its mission partners to seamlessly query and render large amounts of data from several databases, across numerous classified and unclassified networks. Fulcrum's cloud experience related to Ozone Widget Frameworks is focused on providing a single-point of entry/dashboard to all online tools that a user requires.

Support for Irregular Warfare Operations

In partnership with a variety of U.S. Government sponsors, Fulcrum is providing system engineering, technical, and operational field support to combat illicit activities and networks. Irregular Warfare Rapid Response (IWRR) mission areas include Special Operations/Warfare; Information Warfare; and Intelligence/Counterintelligence activities. Our team strives to be the premiere mission support provider to U.S. Government Agencies engaged in IWRR operations world-wide.