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Civilian Agencies

000017524763_-_NAEP_testing_(Med)Provide our Civilian customers with a full range of Information Technology services and solutions that improve the efficiency, effectiveness and security of the government mission and do so in a very cost competitive manner.

Cyber Security Expertise

Whether it’s FISMA compliance, Cyberscope reporting, certification and accreditation, continuous monitoring, or continuity of operations the cyber security challenges facing organizations are formidable. The threats to your information and infrastructure are complex, take many forms, and change constantly. To assure success requires a highly robust, knowledgeable and collaborative team with expertise across a broad spectrum of governance, IT, and security subject matter.

Fulcrum’s experience providing Cyber Security solutions to organizations such as the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Department of Education has honed our operational expertise. We leverage the experience gained while supporting our existing customers along with our investments in training and market awareness to form a highly adaptable and cutting edge capability making Fulcrum a leader in the Cyber Security space.

Software and Systems Engineering

Fulcrum is at the forefront of Software and System Engineering, to include: Web and Application Development, Data and Content Management, as well as Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) design and implementation. Fulcrum is a prime contractor specializing in application and systems architecture, infrastructure operations and maintenance, systems design, database design, software development, user experience design, usability testing, content review, technology research and development as well as computer based assessment system development. This program is a dynamic, nationwide program demanding error-free performance and adherence to Department of Education security guidelines.

IT Infrastructure Services

Fulcrum provides Infrastructure support services centering around Service Desk, Servers and Storage, Network Services, Field Support, Architecture support, ITIL implementations, and Project Management services to name a few. For the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, we provide application and web server support that includes, but is not limited to, UNIX system administration, engineering, configuration management (hardware and software); system and traffic analysis; hardware/software evaluation and implementation; server and application system software upgrades and maintenance, and security hardening.

As an industry leader in Hosting and Cloud technologies, Fulcrum supports over 20 applications, each with a different user base that supports over a thousand users at over ten organizations. Fulcrum has created an elaborate hierarchy of organizations, groups, and users using Microsoft Active Directory to govern access. Fulcrum is establishing training and awareness requirements for these users. Fulcrum has identified or is in the process of identifying software for use in monitoring active processes, performing vulnerability testing, inventorying materials, and planning for contingencies.

Training & eLearning

Whether it’s Security Awareness, new employee orientation, or Custom Application training, Fulcrum is an industry leader in eLearning and training content development, as well as certified trainers and usability experts to ensure all of your training needs are met.

Fulcrum has a diverse training portfolio to include providing training services to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary’s Operation Center (SOC), the development of Security Awareness Training for Prince William County employees, and providing Computer Based Assessment and customized application training for the U.S Department of Education.