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Early Years as VAR

  • GMR won its first GSA schedule which quickly grew to thousands of products.
  • GMR led the industry building one of the first interoperability labs to design, integrate and test disparate technology.
  • GMR made its first acquisition, expanding its capabilities and launching “GMR Telecommunications”.
  • Opened manufacturing office in West Virginia to build GMR Rembrandt computer, a highly customizable personal computer.
  • Awarded NASA Langley Super Computer Contract.
  • Won large contract with USAID 400 computers and 20 servers that launched early production in the WV facility.
  • 1993 GMR won its first NASA SEWP contract. GMR was competed and was the only small business awarded a contract in the Full and Open category.
  • GMR was recognized by U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno for our work supporting the War Tribunal Network at the Hague.


Transforming to Professional Services

  • GMR officially launched a professional services division and soon after acquired Web Data Solutions investing in a commitment to expanding the company’s professional services capabilities.
  • GMR won its largest services contract as a prime, a $12M – 5 year contract with the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Program.
  • Government Micro Resources officially changed the company name to “GMRI” as it began to rebrand with more emphasis on professional services.
  • Won National Institutes of Health (NIH) Electronic Commodity Store III (ECS III) contract, a government-wide acquisition contract for a wide range of information technology products.
  • GMR won additional work with the Navy as prime contractor on a $9.9M – 5 year contract. The contract provided technical support for the Navy Shipyard’s Network Operations Control Center (NOCC) supporting 15,000-users dispersed over hundreds of buildings within 5 shipyards located on both coasts of the United States and Hawaii.
  • Won third consecutive SEWP contract, this time receiving contract awards in both the Super-Computing and Workstation categories.
  • Began conversion of infrastructure to support the growing professional services business that included financial management, sales, pipeline tracking and recruiting software.



  • Advanced Business Machines was founded.  Originally selling computers and software “ABS” very quickly established itself among the Value Added Resellers in the government market.



Early Success Supporting Federal Government Around the World and in Time of Crisis

  • ABS evolved into Government Micro Resources, Inc. to position a larger offering to the Federal market place.
  • Government Micro Resources, (GMR) successfully applied for the Small Business Administration’s 8a program.
  • GMR won its first small business contracts with Peace Corps, SBA and two $10M contracts; one with FEMA providing networks and equipment supporting FEMA during disasters and another with the Department of Health and Human Services in Maryland.
  • GMR opened its first office on Sullyfield Circle in Chantilly, Virginia driven by growth of the sales force and expansion of client accounts. Further expansion later in 1990 included two additional Chantilly facilities on Parke Long Court.
  • Won contract for USDA Mainframe storage.
  • GMR was awarded a contract to supply communication expertise and equipment to the U.S. Air Force for worldwide systems deployment.


Professional Services Company

  • Won the $30M Library of Congress Video Archive contract, a 5 year contract to help support the establishment of a 100 year “state of the art” video library.
  • The $100M+ GMRI Product Reselling Division and name were sold leaving a professional services division. After an employee contest, the company chose Fulcrum Information Technology (Fulcrum IT) as the new name.
  • Successfully won the Department of Education NAEP recompete, another 5 year prime contract valued at over $23M
  • Fulcrum IT completed its initial ISO 9001 registration and launched the Quality Management System (QMS) for all facets of the company
  • Executive management joined Boyne Capital and Grindstone Partners in purchasing Fulcrum IT and adding growth capital for acquisitions and continued growth investment.
  • Won largest services contract in company history, the $463M Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System (JDISS) Mandatory Access Contract (MAC) and the initial task order for all systems integration on JDISS spanning 5,000+ installations Worldwide.


Achieving the $100M Milestone

  • GMR acquired three buildings and relocated its offices to Gateway Court in Manassas, Virginia adding a large warehouse and integration facility.
  • GMR opened West Coast Sunnyvale California office supporting Bonneville Power Administration, NASA Ames and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.
  • 1996 GMR won its second SEWP II contract continuing its success on the program.
  • GMR successfully built a division to address the “year 2000” issues in computers and software and later sold the “Y2K” division.
  • Awarded the Military Traffic Management Command’s Transportation Operation Personal Property System (TOPPS) contract that included deployment of the system to over 300 sites worldwide.
  • Won SBA contract to provide systems and set up office networks at all SBA regional/remote offices East of the Mississippi River.


Expansion, Global Growth

  • Completed acquisition of the Dataline Information Technology Group (ITG) adding offices in Norfolk, Virginia and Tampa, Florida complementing Fulcrum IT’s presence in both locations.
  • Moved the corporate headquarter offices to Centreville, Virginia occupying a 26,303 sq/ft facility to support the explosive growth trend
  • Added staff in locations around the world to include government locations in nine countries as Fulcrum IT footprint expanded.
  • Completed acquisition of Corbin Company adding key Army contracts and adding Health Care and Human Capital Services to expand existing capabilities in Cyber Security, Technology, Mission Systems, and Intelligence Operations.
  • Won Army's Warrior Enabling Broad Sensor (WEBS) Project, a five year, $1.8B contract.
  • Won the the Department of Education’s National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) $53M Web Technology Development and Operational Maintenance Support contract.