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Achieving the $100M Milestone

  • 1996-2000GMR acquired three buildings and relocated its offices to Gateway Court in Manassas, Virginia adding a large warehouse and integration facility.
  • GMR opened West Coast Sunnyvale California office supporting Bonneville Power Administration, NASA Ames and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.
  • 1996 GMR won its second SEWP II contract continuing its success on the program.
  • GMR successfully built a division to address the “year 2000” issues in computers and software and later sold the “Y2K” division.
  • Awarded the Military Traffic Management Command’s Transportation Operation Personal Property System (TOPPS) contract that included deployment of the system to over 300 sites worldwide.
  • Won SBA contract to provide systems and set up office networks at all SBA regional/remote offices East of the Mississippi River.